Beginners Application


Upon completion of the course the lead coach issues a completion certificate
where he deems you’ve successfully completed the course.

You may then be eligible to join the club as a competent archer, or another club of your choice.

Course membership for juniors starts at age 9 however 8 year olds may start a beginners course
provided their birthday falls within a month period after the course ends.

  • The first session covers the safety aspects of archery during the course.

  • The remaining sessions develop your skills and techniques.

  • You must commit to all sessions to complete the course.

  • Be aware your booking fee is non-refundable – except for the following condition:-

  • If you cannot complete the course, already started, due to illness outside your control you’ll be able to apply for the next available course at a 50% discount..

All equipment is provided.


If a junior (9-17 years) attends a course a Parent / Guardian must also attend the course.

If a junior joins the club, following the course, the Parent / Guardian must also join.

The club has a Child Protection Officer as required who will be on hand
throughout the course. (All the coaching team members hold valid DBS certificates).

The CPO’s job is to guide the juniors and parents through registration and other requirements.

Also on a day to day basis at the club to act as confidant for all juniors,
and handle any problems or fears they may have.

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