Beginners Course

Our Beginners courses are held on Monday evenings at the Clubhouse which is the Richmond Street Community Centre, eight times a year in conjunction with the Archery season and costs £60 per person. All equipment and coaching is included. Please note all persons under 18 years of age are junior archers and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian also completing a beginners course, due to the simple fact that we are playing with weapons!

The best way to start archery is to do one of our beginner courses to learn the basics so you can join a club and start shooting. One of the amazing things about archery is you can be as young as 9 years of age when you want to start! It’s also a great family sport where the whole family can join in.

Already done a beginner’s course somewhere? No problem!

Contact us so we can help you out with your membership.

We recommend seeking the Coaches advice before spending any money on equipment which may not be suitable for you – but don’t worry, we supply all the equipment for the Beginner course, so you don’t have to buy any equipment before you arrive.